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NB Clock Services


The Heart 

Service is the heart of NB Clock Services.  In fact, it is all about service.  Because old clocks are my passion, I take great pride in my work.  I am confident that the quality of my craftsmanship is unsurpassed. 

Costs Estimates

I share my complete price guide with my customers during the first consultation.  My customers know exactly how much the restoration will cost them.  There are never any hidden costs or surprises.  During the restoration process, I like to keep my customers informed of the progress; therefore, I send my customers texts or email messages complete with pictures at every stage of the restoration process.  My customers love it.  


Please note that I do not perform "just get it working enough to sell" sorts of projects.  I guarantee my work.  I cannot guarantee a clock that has not undergone a thorough overhaul and restoration, which means a clock cannot be cleaned completely and repaired without complete disassembly of the movement.  As aforementioned, my work is the highest quality.  Expect nothing less from me.  

House Calls

Many customers ask me about house calls.  House calls are primarily intended for assessments of large clocks that cannot be easily transported, i.e., floor clocks and large wall clocks.  Sometimes I can get a clock running during a house call visit; however, in order for me to provide any guarantee I need to take the movement into the shop for a thorough cleaning and make any repairs necessary before I can warranty my work.  Of course, for large clocks, house calls for picking up a clock for repairs and delivery when the work is finished are built into the cost of the repair within twenty-five (25) miles of New Braunfels. 

Specialized Services

I perform the vast majority of work in my shop, but I do occasionally use the services of specialists for those few repairs or parts fabrication jobs that I do not have the specialized tooling to perform to a high standard.  This is very rare, and I will always communicate those needs to the customer prior to the work being done.  

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